Tips All Cat Owners Need To Know

When your cat is not sleeping, distractions should be provided. If left alone, cats can scratch up all your furniture. You can stop this from happening by making sure they have enough toys. The article below will show you a few of the most popular toys that your cat will enjoy.

TIP! Keep your cat groomed. You can regularly brush or comb your cat.

Don’t let your cat near drape cords. Cats should not be allowed to play with these cords, as they can get parts of their body stuck in the cord loops. This could even choke them to death. Hang your drapery cords out of your cats’ sight to avoid this.

Heated tiles are great to put under a cat bed, especially for the comfort of aging felines. A terra cotta tile about a foot square is ideal. You can warm it with a 15-20 minute stop in your oven, set to approximately 200 degrees. Wrap this in a towel that’s old and then place it under the bed the cat sleeps on. If necessary, change this out every few hours.

Flea Products

You shouldn’t ever use products designed to be used on dogs on your cat. They can have very strong and possibly negative reactions to dog products. Flea products should not be used on cats in any circumstance. Using dog flea products on your cat can kill them. In fact, it is a good idea to separate your cat and dog for a few hours after your dog has taken flea medication.

TIP! Don’t allow your cat become bored. Cats should have a lot of exercise and playtime.

If you have an outside cat, you need to give it a collar and some identification tags. Cats love to roam, so you need to give someone who finds your cat a way to contact you. Have your phone number engraved on the tag.

You may want to have a microchip implanted in your cat. Even an indoor cat may find a way out of your home. Cats can get out of a collar or, worse, have that collar choke them to death. A microchip, on the other hand, is inserted near your cat’s shoulder blades, takes only a second to do, and all of your current contact info can be read through the chip. Most shelters have a scanner that can pick up the facts located inside the chip.

TIP! Your cat needs love and attention. A cat’s companionship should be returned with the same.

Cats often are very energetic and toys can help channel the energy effectively. You don’t have to compromise your belongings to enjoy their company. The recommendations in this article can keep your cat as happy as can be.

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